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Lee, H.¹, Park, G.¹, Kim, S., Son, B., Joo, J., Park, H. H.*, Park, T. H.* (2022) "Enhancement of anti-tumor activity in melanoma using arginine deiminase fused with 30Kc19α protein", Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 106, 22, 7531-7545 (IF 6.355, JCR 상위 15%)

* Corresponding author


Ryu, J.¹, Yang, S. J.¹, Son, B., Lee, H., Lee, J., Joo, J., Park, H. H.*, Park, T. H.* (2022) "Enhanced anti-cancer effect using MMP-responsive L-asparaginase fused with cell-penetrating 30Kc19 protein", Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, 50, 1, 278-285  (IF 6.355,  JCR 상위 15%)

* Corresponding author


Yoo, J.¹, Kim, K.¹, Kim, S., Park, H. H.*, Shin, H.*, Joo, J.* (2022) "Tailored polyethylene glycol grafting on porous nanoparticles for enhanced targeting and intracellular siRNA delivery", Nanoscale, 14(39), 14482-14490 (IF 8.307, JCR 상위 15%)

* Corresponding author


Son, B.¹, Yoon, H.¹, Ryu, J., Lee, H., Joo, J., Park, H. H.*, Park, T. H.* (2022) "Enhanced efficiency of generating human induced pluripotent stem cells using Lin28-30Kc19 fusion protein", Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 10 (IF 6.064, JCR 상위 10%)

* Corresponding author


Lee, G.¹, Kim, S. J.¹, , Kim, E. M., Kim, E., Lee, S., Lee, E., Park, H. H.*, Shin, H.* (2022) "Free radical-scavenging composite gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels for cell encapsulation", Acta Biomaterialia, 149, 96-110 (IF 10.633, JCR 상위 10%)

* Corresponding author


Kim, H.¹, Son, B. R.¹, Seo, E. U.¹, Kwon, M., Ahn, J. H., Shin, H., Song, G. Y., Park, E. J., Na, D. H., Cho, S. W., Kim, H. N.*, Park, H. H.*, Lee, W.* (2022) "Cleavage-responsive biofactory T cells suppress infectious diseases-associated hypercytokinemia", Advanced Science, 9, 26 (IF 17.521, JCR 상위 5%)

* Corresponding author


Son, B.¹, Lee, S. H.¹, Hong, S., Kwon, M., Joo, J., Lim, K. S.*, Park, H. H.* (2022) "Direct conversion of bovine dermal fibroblasts into myotubes by viral delivery of transcription factor bMyoD", Applied Sciences, 12, 9

* Corresponding author


Yoo, W.¹, Lee, W.¹ , Kim, H. N.¹, Jeong, J.¹, Park, H. H., Jung, D., Ahn, J. H., Lee, J., Kim, J., Lee, S. W.*, Cho, W. S.*, Kim, S.* (2022) "Nanodiamond as a cytokine sponge in infectious diseases", Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 504


Wang, C. P., Byun, M. J., Kim, S. N., Park, W., Park, H. H., Kim, T. H., Lee, J. S., Park, C. G.* (2022) "Biomaterials as therapeutic drug carriers for inflammatory bowel disease treatment", Journal of Controlled Release, 345, 1-19


Kim, E. M., Lee, G. M., Lee, S., Kim, S., Lee, D., Yoon, D. S., Joo, J., Kong, H., Park, H. H.*, Shin, H.* (2022) "Effects of mechanical properties of gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels on encapsulated stem cell spheroids for 3D tissue engineering", International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 194, 903-913 (IF 6.953, JCR 상위 10%)
* Corresponding author

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