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Kim, H.¹, Son, B. R.1, Seo, E. U.¹, Kwon, M., Ahn, J. H., Shin, H., Song, G. Y., Park, E. J., Na, D. H., Cho, S. W., Kim, H. N.*, Park, H. H.*, Lee, W.* (2022)  "Cleavage-responsive biofactory T cells suppress infectious diseases-associated hypercytokinemia", Advanced Science, 2022.09.26, 2201883

* Corresponding author

Park, H. H.¹, Park, W.¹, Lee, Y. Y.¹, Kim, H., Seo, H. S., Choi, D. W., Kwon, H. K., Na, D. H., Kim, T. H., Choy, Y. B., Ahn, J. H.*, Lee, W.*, Park, C. G.* (2020) "Bioinspired DNase-I-coated melanin-like nanospheres for modulation of infection-associated NETosis dysregulation", Advanced Science, 2020.07.23, 2001940

1 First author

Choi, M.¹, Park, H. H.¹, Choi, D., Han, U., Park, T. H., Lee, H., Park, J. H., Hong, J. (2017) "Multilayer nanofilms via inkjet printing for stabilizing growth factor and designing desired cell developments", Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2017.06.14, 1700216

First author

Ryu, J., Kim, H., Park, H. H., Lee, H. J., Park, J. H., Rhee, W. J. and Park, T. H. (2014) "Protein-stabilizing and cell-penetrating properties of α-helix domain of 30Kc19 protein", Biotechnology Journal, 2014.11.11, 1443-1451


Park, H. H., Sohn, Y., Yeo, J. W., Park, J. H., Lee, H. J., Ryu, J., Rhee, W. J. and Park, T. H. (2014) "Dimerization of 30Kc19 protein in the presence of amphiphilic moiety and importance of Cys-57 during cell penetration" Biotechnology Journal, 2014.09.12, 1582-1593

1 First author

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