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Cha, H.¹, Hong, S.¹, Park, J. H.*, Park, H. H.* (2020) "Stem cell-derived exosomes and nanovesicles: Promotion of cell proliferation, migration and anti-senescence for treatment of wound damage and skin ageing", Pharmaceutics, 12, 12, 1135

Corresponding author


Cha, H.¹, Lee, J.¹, Park, H. H.*, Park, J., H.* (2020) "Direct conversion of human fibroblasts into osteoblasts triggered by histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid", Applied Sciences, 10, 20, 7372

Corresponding author


Park, H. H.¹, Park, W.¹, Lee, Y. Y.¹, Kim, H., Seo, H. S., Choi, D. W., Kwon, H. K., Na, D. H., Kim, T. H., Choy, Y. B., Ahn, J. H.*, Lee, W.*, Park, C. G.* (2020) "Bioinspired DNase-I-coated melanin-like nanospheres for modulation of infection-associated NETosis dysregulation", Advanced Science, 7, 2001940 (IF 15.840, JCR 상위 5%)

1 First author


Kim, H. N.¹, Park, H. H.¹, Lim, W.¹, Hong, K. S., Ahn, J. H., Na, D. H., Kim, I. S., Jang, J. G.*, Bae, J. S.*, Lee, W.* (2020) "Ferritin nanocage-based methyltransferase SETD6 for COVID-19 therapy", Advanced Functional Materials, 30, 2006110 (IF 16.836, JCR 상위 5%)

1 First author


Lee, H.¹, Kim, S.¹, Yoon, H., Ryu, J., Park, H. H., Hwang, N. S.*, Park, T. H.* (2020) "Intracellular delivery of recombinant RUNX2 facilitated by cell-penetrating protein for the osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs", ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 6, 9, 5202-5214


Lee, W.¹, Ahn, J. H.¹, Park, H. H.¹, Kim, H. N.¹, Kim, H., Yoo, Y., Shin, H., Hong, K. S., Jang, J. G., Park, C. G., Choi, E. Y. *, Bae, J. S.*, Seo, Y. K.* (2020) "COVID-19-activated SREBP2 disturbs cholesterol biosynthesis and leads to cytokine storm", Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 5, 1, 1-11 (IF 13.493, JCR 상위 3%)

First author


Choi, E. Y.¹, Park, H. H.¹, Kim, H.¹, Kim, H., N., Kim, I., Jeon, S., Kim, W.*, Bae, J. S.*, Lee, W.* (2020) "Wnt5a and Wnt11 as acute respiratory distress syndrome biomarkers for SARS-CoV-2 patients", European Respiratory Journal, 56, 5, 2001531 (IF 12.339, JCR 상위 6%)

First author


Park, H., Kwon, M., Kwang Suk Lim*, Park, H. H.* (2020) "Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T cell (CAR-T) therapy targeting hematologic malignancy", KSBB Journal, 35, 3, 183-191

Corresponding author


Park, H. H.¹, Kim, H. N.¹, Kim, H.¹, Yoo, Y., Shin, H., Choi, E. Y. *, Bae, J. S. *, Lee, W.* (2020) "Acetylated K676 TGFBIp as a severity diagnostic blood biomarker for SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia", Science Advances, 6, 31, eabc1564 (IF 13.117, JCR 상위 5%)

First author


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Corresponding author


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Corresponding author


Lee, J., Lim, K. S., Park, H. H., Ha, S. J.* (2020) "A qualitative case study on the teaching experiences of biotechnology-related curriculum linked extracurricular program management", The Korean Society of Culture and Convergence, 42, 5, 729-758


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Corresponding author


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Corresponding author

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