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Lee, J., Park, H. H., Lim, K. S., Lee, H. J., Ha, S. J.* (2019) "A case study on biotechnology-related curriculum linked extracurricular program - focusing on K university CUBE program", KSBB Journal, 34, 4, 359-365


Lee, J., Park, H. H., Park, J. H.* (2019) "Efficient production of cell-permeable Oct4 protein using silkworm-originating 30Kc19 protein" Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 24, 6, 1-8


Ryu, J., Park, S. W., Park, H. H.*, Park, T. H.* (2019) "Enhanced single-cell viability using 30Kc6 for efficient expansion of human induced pluripotent stem cells", Process Biochemistry, 78, 161–168

Corresponding author

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