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Razzak, A., Lee, J. E., Park, H. H., Park, T. H., Choi, S. S.* (2018) "Exploring binding mechanisms between curcumin and silkworm 30Kc19 protein using spectroscopic analyses and computational simulations", Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 5, 23, 605-616


Park, H. H., Triboulet, R., Bentler, M., Guda, S., Du, P., Xu, H., Gregory, R. I., Brendel, C., Williams, D. A.* (2018) "DROSHA knockout leads to enhancement of viral titers for vectors encoding miRNA-adapted shRNAs", Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids, 12, 591-599 (IF 7.367, JCR 상위 10%)

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