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Shin, H., Han, J. H., Shin S., Bae, G. H., Son, B., Kim, T. H., Park, H. H., Park, C. G.*, Park, W.* (2024) "M1-polarized macrophage-derived cellular nanovesicle-coated lipid nanoparticles for enhanced cancer treatment through hybridization of gene therapy and cancer immunotherapy", Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, Accepted


Son, B.¹, Park, S.¹, Cho, S., Kim, J. A., Baek, S. H., Yoo, K. H., Han, D., Joo, J., Park, H. H.*, Park, T. H.* (2024) "Improved neural inductivity of size-controlled 3D human embryonic stem cells using magnetic nanoparticles", Biomaterials Research, Accepted (IF 11.3, JCR 상위 5%)
* Corresponding author

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