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Byun, M. J., Seo, H. S., Lee, J., Ban, K., Oh, S., Lee, Y. Y., Lim, J., Lee, N. K., Wang, C. P., Kim, M., Han, J. H., Park, J., Paik, T., Park, H. H., Park, T. E., Park, W., Kim, S. N.*, Park, D. H.*, Park, C. G.* (2023) "Biofunctional inorganic layered double hydroxide nanohybrid enhances immunotherapeutic effect on atopic dermatitis treatment", Small, Accepted


Son, B.¹, Kim, M.¹, Won, H.¹, Jung, A., Kim, J., Koo, Y., Lee, N. K., Baek, S. H., Han, U., Park, C. G., Shin, H., Gwon, B.*, Joo, J.*, Park, H. H.* (2023) "Secured delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor using human serum albumin-based protein nanoparticles for enhanced wound healing and regeneration", Journal of Nanobiotechnology, Accepted (IF 10.2, JCR 상위 10%)
* Corresponding author

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